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Book Writing and Publishing with The Publishing POD

Work with Louisa to write your own chapter, book whilst also using the power of Positive Psychology.

As The Publishing POD we will make your book elevate your message and purpose.


Do you want success but fear success too?  So did I.
Do you fear judgement from others?  So did I.
Do you feel the need to be perfect?  So did I.

Are you playing small and not charging your full worth?  
Are you ready to IGNITE YOUR IMPACT?    

Are you ready for...

MORE Visibility

MORE Confidence

MORE Clarity


You may be early in business or at the very start and we need to overcome the FEAR, IGNITE, RISE and EMPOWER together.

We will cover all the core elements needed to get you started on your business journey.

In our 121 coaching sessions I will share with you ALL the inside information on how I created a visible, thriving and recognisable brand and business in under 6 months. Sessions include a bespoke package using my 5-step signature Mindset system alongside my IMPACT programme that will take your business from hiding in the shadows to purposeful, visible and connected.

Plus by using scientifically proven Positive Psychology tools and interventions we will tap into about limiting beliefs to make sure that you are living in GROWTH, HOPE and stepping away from fear and feeling limited.


Strengths Positivity Accomplishment Reframes Kindness Support

In View Message Purpose Audience Coverage Talk

In view






You will get…

🔥 Three/Six months support from me.

🔥 Unlimited DM support (trust me having me in your back pocket will set you alight)

🔥 Weekly OR Bi-weekly one to ones 

🔥 Media support value £295

🔥 Strategy & launch plans

🔥 Work Booklets

🔥 We will create IMPACT working on getting you…

⚡️ In view

⚡️ Message

⚡️ Purpose

⚡️ Audience

⚡️ Coverage & PR

⚡️ Talk

Using all of my mindset, mindfulness and positive psychology coaching tools along with my lived expertise and inside info you will be surfing to success!

Get Visible! We will jump in with how to increase your Visibility online. How to be confident on camera and 'Perform great lives!' to maximise audience engagement and turn more viewers into buyers! 

Talking on Lives, Networking, Podcast, PR - Together we will nail your IMPACT Statement/Elevator Pitch to make sure that your Message is clear, catchy and concise.  

Vision & strategy so that your whole brand links to your purpose and passion.

How you serve your audience and to ensure that your ICA (Ideal Client Avator) is in fact who you want to serve and how you reach them on which platform - REELS, IGTV, LIVES, BLOGS.

Gain confidence in using your story and message, to craft your stories in a way that produces pride around your business and buy in from the media for more coverage. We will look at how to create your media bio and press releases.

How to use Clubhouse, Lives and Podcasting to get your message put LOUD and CLEAR. Outward motion and keeping your message consistent and visible.



If you are here then I’m assuming that you already have your own business or are ready up jump into your side hustle and really ignite your impact? I am so happy that you are here and I can’t wait to be a part of your journey.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again... grab that surfboard... get ready to ride the wave!
In the last 12 months I have completely pivoted from depressed, anxious school teacher feeling all the mum-guilt of juggling full-time teaching and being a solo mum to creating my own thriving business that means I can work my business around being mum and my mental health is the best it has been in years!

So... how did I go from High school teacher to Number 1 best selling author, booked motivational speaker and a successful mindset and empowerment coach inspiring women from all stages of business in less than a year?
In this course I will give you the FULL insight into how I IGNITED my business and made IMPACT within 6 months of launching Mamas Ignited.
In the last year I have dug deep, confronted my fears and trusted that I could make a difference; believed that I could inspire other women, other mamas to ignite their lives; taken action to make sure that I created IMPACT and by following my passion and purpose I have done just that.