"The Power of your Story is your Superpower."

Louisa Herridge

Hello! I am Louisa Herridge; speaker, author & coach. 

I help women in business to tap into their story to ignite their message and get visible by writing compelling content so that they can share their message, story and expertise to connect with their ideal client.

As a writing coach, I use my Storytelling for Success method which is underlined by Positive Psychology and together we will connect with your meaning and purpose so that you can write compelling content on Social media, blogs and through publishing.

As a Business coach I work with women in business and women with a desire and passion who are ready for MORE.  This could be by igniting your message and mission, becoming more visible or taking your first step to reinvent their life and business. 

To take your message to the next level, working with my partner Jo Wildsmith at The Publishing POD we can help you to write and publish your business book so that you can share your message and your story to your ideal clients. 

Storytelling for Success with Louisa Herridge

Have you ever wanted to write a book?

We can make it happen

  • A full range of services, which will take you from the very first glimmer of an idea to a fully published manuscript
  • Imagine being taken through the whole process, mapping your book out, with ongoing guidance and support to keep you on track
  • Don't want the full service? We also offer a full range of standalone services from proofreading to post-publishing