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My new weekly newsletter will bring you updates on everything that is going on at Mamas Ignited HQ. Along with a dollop of real mum life, each week I will bring you some Mindset for Success Positive Psychology Tips, interventions and challenges.

What is Mamas Ignited?

If you are new to Mamas Ignited… welcome and thanks for being here. If you have been here since the start then thanks for still surfing alongside me!

Mamas Ignited is a mission and a reminder that you can DO more, BE more and HAVE more without apology. No matter your story we can all STOP, SPARK and SPIN it. We no longer have to be held back by fear or limiting beliefs and through adopting mindfulness and mindset rituals you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

STOP, SPARK and SPIN – I am talking about reframing your past and any niggling self doubts or fears that hold you back. If that devil on your shoulder tells you can’t do something or you are not good enough…

STOP – Tell the thought it is lying to you.
SPARK – Remind yourself what is holding you back from doing, how could life be different if you didn’t feel that way.
SPIN – Reframe it – use an affirmation or a positive sentence to tell your brain that you are in control of your thoughts!

It takes practise – a bit like writing with the wrong hand… but it works.
I’d love to hear your STOP, SPARK, SPIN wins!

These ladies are on FIRE!
This week saw the deadline of the first drafts of Volume 2 – From the Ashes, She is Ignited. 

Working with such incredible women has been an honour and I can’t wait for this book to enter the world. 

Ten stories of overcoming adversity, trauma and pain to rise from the ashes finding purpose, strength and power. We launch 25th January 2022 and if you want to be a part of Volume 3 get in touch as places are available now with a 12 month payment plan for support. 

I can’t wait to help you to share your story! Find out more here. https://louisaherridge.co.uk/from-the-ashes-she-is-ignited/

Mama on tour!

September and October have taken me all over speaking at events and workshops and as a delegate at inspiring events. I took my F.I.R.E workshop to Leeds for Jo Swann’s Celebrating You event and spoke about ‘Rising through Resilience’ at Womanifest in Cheshire and this week I am speaking in Dubai at the ‘Retreat Yourself’ Business and Wellbeing Retreat on Positive Psychology – SPARKS – Mindset for Success.

This is where I find my JOY.  

My strengths, values and joy space is CONNECTION and COMMUNICATION. As an ex-teacher the feedback from real people is where I thrive and I love nothing more than being in a room with people.

I am bringing together a group of entrepreneurs to use the power of positive psychology to tap into the core values and strengths of your business to reframe and ignite your passion and purpose along with content planning and storytelling for success. I only have 6 places left so check it out Thursday 10th November in Manchester. I’d love to see you there.

Check out all the details here: https://louisaherridge.co.uk/reframe-and-ignite/


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About the Author Louisa Herridge

Louisa is a solo mum, speaker, writer and survivor. Like the glorious Phoenix, she has risen from the ashes of debt, abuse and trauma; reborn in flames as the Blazing leader of the Mamas Ignited movement.

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