If I asked you to list 5 things you are good at how easily could you come up with the list? What about 5 things that you are useless at? Which list could you fill more quickly?

So often we self-deprecate to the point that it is so easy and in fact normalised to declare to all what we are crap at! When I was at school I never used to like ‘doing well’ in tests… i mean of course I did… but in public I hated it. I never wanted to look competitive or that I was showing off and I used to cringe when my results were read out. Even as an adult I have experienced this within teaching when it was never seen as the ‘done thing’ to be rated ‘outstanding’ in lesson observations and more, we should accept being ‘satisfactory’.

This isn’t me. The true me LOVES to succeed and to share my successes but a limiting belief over the years created a fear in side me – a fear of being the best.

A few weeks ago, I found out that I’d been shortlisted as a finalist in the Business Start-Up Category at the Business Success Awards. I shared the post but didn’t really celebrate it as if I’m honest I didn’t feel worthy. Sounds crazy right? I was sitting in what I thought was imposter syndrome. Last week I heard an amazing TedX talk about ‘Self-squashing’ aka the fear of showing successes for fear of being branded a ‘show off’ Most of the time now this doesn’t bother. I share my successes and have so much love and support. But this nomination and being a finalist hit a trigger.

This fear of success which dates back to bullying at school and my fear of doing well as I was always labelled a ‘swot’. I always wanted to play down my top marks! I was self squashing! Not any more. So here it is again. I am thrilled to be in the finalists. I can’t wait to take my much deserved seat at the table for the Awards event and I will bask in any glory sent my way! If we don’t back ourselves who will?

In my SPARKS | Mindset for Success system the S is for STRENGTHS and is all about tapping into your own strengths and using them to be your superpower.

I know that my strengths are humour and communication – being able to build relationships and support others both as a leader and as a part of a team. My Super Power is something that for years I thought was a negative. I talk too much. I always worried that I was the annoying one in new situations, the one who asks all the questions (think Monica in Friends) the one who dominates the conversation, the one who plays for laughs. I often worried that people didn’t like me – maybe they didn’t! But now I know that all of these strength are what make me me.

Positive Psychology has helped me to tap into this strength and to see that I am exactly who I am meant to be.

What is your super power? I can help you to find yours!


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About the Author Louisa Herridge

Louisa is a solo mum, speaker, writer and survivor. Like the glorious Phoenix, she has risen from the ashes of debt, abuse and trauma; reborn in flames as the Blazing leader of the Mamas Ignited movement.

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