Where the heck have I been? I mean it has been so long I bet you have almost forgotten about me!


How could you forget me? The crazy lady that surfs ironing boards and ignites sparks… yep that’s me but for a while now my spark has been a little dull.

I have been happy on Facebook and Instagram… obvs isn’t everyone? But I have found it hard to write to my email list and to write this blog! Why? Answers on a postcard.

These last six months have brought a lot of trauma for me and without going into too much detail I have had to work through a lot. We have been back and to to court which had been closed since February 2020. Mamas Ignited was built post-court and without my abuser in my life and suddenly to have my new world and old world colliding sent me into a spin.

I have been afraid to speak, to share and have been in victim mode or as it is called Freeze state. All of my old triggers and bodily feelings and emotions have been relived and that trauma trapped deep in my body as well as my mind has flooded my body with cortisol showing up as panic, anxiety and withdrawal.

Two sprained ankles didn’t help either… yes you read that right. In May I went to Cyprus to ‘get away from it all’ and badly sprained both my ankles.  This on top of the burnout that I had hit after a manic first half of 2022 meant that I slowly retreated, spending too much time in my comfy position of safety and comfort. Is this ringing any bells?

Suddenly the world was whizzing past me and I was still in that comfort, only now I was getting fed up and wanting to show up and do more but the fear had me trapped. 

Boom… launched my book collaboration… got all out there, had the most amazing conversations, found the most amazing 10 ladies and then suddenly I am back in the comfort zone.

NOT ANYMORE! If you have read this far I just want you to reply with HELL YEAH.

This is what I shouted over and over again last Saturday when I was at an event with Niyc Pidgeon. Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah.

I meant every word. I felt my mindset shift. 

Being Rich = Health + Relationships + Wealth

I realised that I wasn’t rich in health and if I carried on hiding my relationships and bank balance would be overdrawn!

I arrived home from London to the news that my Grandma had had a heart attack and she passed away the next day. This brought my family together and I am a millionaire when it comes to those relationships.

Friends… not so much. So I have connected with some old friends, spent an hour catching up on the phone, been out for a coffee and met my Mum for lunch which is something we rarely do.

Anyway – if you are still here I want you to know that I am saying HELL YEAH to showing up for myself, my family and my business and so you will be hearing more regularly from me.

I am off to Dubai on Sunday to run a Positive Psychology Mindset for Success workshop at a Wellbeing and Business Retreat and I can’t wait.

Don’t forget to comment below me back with that HELL YEAH.

Here’s to showing up for ourselves!

Louisa xxx


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About the Author Louisa Herridge

Louisa is a solo mum, speaker, writer and survivor. Like the glorious Phoenix, she has risen from the ashes of debt, abuse and trauma; reborn in flames as the Blazing leader of the Mamas Ignited movement.

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