Reframe & Ignite Business Impact Day

Are you ready to overcome fear, connect to your story and get truly visible in your business? 

  • Are you getting as visible as you’d like?
  • Do you feel like a fraud?
  • Do you feel yourself holding back?
  • Are the inner demons stopping you from showing up?
  • Are you open to full visibility?
  • Do you want success but fear success?
  • Do you fear rejection or judgement?
  • Do you fear being imperfect and often procrastinate?

It all starts with a change of MINDSET, finding your PURPOSE and connecting that MESSAGE to your AUDIENCE.  

The Reframe & Ignite Business Impact Day is here for you...  

What is your story?! 

That’s what we all want to know! Right? So let me ask... do you use your story to build connection with your audience?

Do you share your wins and expertise through PR and on your socials, are you consistent in asking for and sharing feedback?

Are you visible and using your words to connect with your ideal clients?

To reach their pain points and make more sales?

If not… I can help…

Are you ready to...
  1. Raise your online visibility.
  2. Stamp your expert status.
  3. Feel ignited, powerful and clear in your messaging.
  4. Be connected to your ideal client leading to more sales and increased visibility.
  5. Be more confident to sell using clear, connected messaging.

Join me in Manchester at The Kimpton Clocktower Hotel on Thursday 10th November for The Reframe and Ignite Business IMPACT Day.

I will take you from lost, disconnected and hiding to visible, connected and purposeful.

You will leave the event feeling ignited with a renewed passion for your brand and business. Clear on your purpose and connected with your ideal client.

You will gain the mindset tools, visual assets and copy to show up in your business- ignited and ready to serve your ideal client straight away!

Plus a branding photoshoot to Reframe your Business with Rachel Murphy will give you the visual assets to launch straight into your new ignited messaging.

Your investment for the full day workshops, branding mini-shoot, five edited images plus lunch is just £195.

The Reframe & Ignite Business Impact Day

Morning Session 

Fear. Ignite. Rise. Empower.  

Mindset for success F.I.R.E Positive Psychology Workshop

The day will begins with 'F.I.R.E - Mindset for Success Positive Psychology Workshop'. Using tools to enable you to put fears to one side so that you can reframe your negative thoughts and show up in your business. Using interventions and exercises you will draw on your own passion and purpose to bring fire to your messaging and clarify who you help in your business and why.

FEAR - Overcoming fears that are holding you back. Reframe your fears and tap into your strengths using Positive Psychology.

IGNITE - Find your passion and purpose aka your SPARK which will set your message on FIRE.

RISE - Reframe your story to put you at the centre of your brand. How to put storytelling at the centre of your brand and in your content to create genuine connections and speak to your ideal client.

EMPOWER - Connection is key. You are your brand. Create a ripple effect through your ignited message and purpose. How to spread your message through PR, Talk and elevate your brand. 

Afternoon Session 

Write to Ignite  

Storytelling for Success

Now that you have connected with your story to ignite your spark and create impact.

Get clear on your message, purpose and audience to connect and sell.

You will leave with a content plan for repurposing a blog into social media posts which will be connected to your WHY. 

Content pillars and planning.

Sales copy and writing connected sales posts.

Transformation statements.

Leave with planned content ready to create IMPACT.



Mini branding photo shoot with Rachel Murphy. Rachel works with clients to capture the heart of you and your key message. 

Five edited images are included to accompany your planned storytelling posts so that you have all the tools to Reframe and Ignite your Business!

Join like-minded, passion led entrepreneurs and use the day not to network, but to build new and genuine connections. Get booked on to guarantee your place as I am keeping this small.

🔥Louisa Herridge is the leader of the Mamas Ignited movement and as a twice over number one best-selling Author, Writing and Business Impact coach, she helps female entrepreneurs to overcome adversity, fear and self-sabotage to be empowered to use their stories of becoming ignited to spark more joy, growth and success in their businesses.

Louisa has overcome many adversities including: narcissistic relationships, domestic abuse, debt and lived with chronic pain which led to depression and major back surgery. In the last two years, due to a violent assault at the hands of her ex-partner, she is living with PTSD and experienced burnout and a breakdown, before finding and creating a new path in life, helping others and helping herself and her 7-year-old daughter too.

Louisa has worked with world class Public Speaking coach Dani Wallace as one of the headline speakers at Bee Inspired, April 2021.  Louisa’s speaking credentials since include Keynote speaker with global company TP Women International, 2021. September 2021 Clear Path Conference - alongside Caroline Strawson - supporting survivors of domestic abuse. Womanifest 2022 where she spoke about 'Rising though Resilience' and will be running a Positive Psychology workshop at a Dubai retreats in October 2022. Recent speaker and workshops have been held for Chocolate PR, Leading Ladies Society for International Women's Day and the Inspire and Connect Network.

Louisa is a number one best-selling author with her book, 'Mamas Ignited - Stop Ironing, Start Living' and as a writer coach also leads collaborative writing projects alongside Authors and Co and her debut collaboration book, 'From the Ashes, She is Ignited' launched May 2022 hitting 10 number 1 spots.

Louisa is well known for her fun-loving personality and lives out her mission statement… An Ironing board is a surfboard that gave up on its dreams and got a boring job… don’t be an ironing board!


What Are You Waiting For? Grab your spot now!

Jo Wildsmith

Branded & Covered

Member of SPARKS & IMPACT 2021

Louisa has this natural ability to share her knowledge and wisdom in a way that speaks to my soul. It is like she knew exactly what I needed to hear, and said it to me in a way that was neither tedious nor patronising. It’s definitely time for me to be the leading lady of my life, thank you for showing me how.

Having worked with Louisa in her SPARKS and IMPACT programmes, I not only have an exciting new outlook, but also a new way of looking inwardly, to myself and everything that has happened to and for me. Now I can live in the present and use it to create the future I deserve and so yearn for.

With Louisa’s support my recent launch was my most successful and she really helped me to create IMPACT. Thank you Louisa, my ironing board now has footprints all over it!

Mel Gizzi 

OMG Fabulous

Member of SPARKS & IMPACT 2021

I loved the idea of sparks and Impact and I thought it was totally what I needed. I was just starting out really as an entrepreneur in the online space, although I had my own beauty business for the last four years coaching and wellness and been able to move forward with other aspects of my business.

I loved everything that Louisa has shared and the way in which she is so transparent about the steps that she’s been through she makes it feel really safe and that you are actually on a journey that maybe she’s walked on.

She is an incredible role model and an inspiration.

I’ve got a fire in my belly and I am ready to go

Amie Blayney

New Business owner and Member of SPARKS & IMPACT 2021

I met Louisa online around 12 months ago, she was just one of those souls I was drawn to.

When I had the opportunity to have Louisa’s eyes on my business I was over the moon. I knew she was the person to not only show me how to make an impact with my business but to set that fire and really ignite me with my mission.

We all have some for of imposter syndrome. I joined Sparks & Impact because I needed some form of direction.

My biggest takeaway from the course is that your story is just part of it, there is so much more. The connection and clarity that came from the course along with how my story just all fits together. It’s amazing.

I didn’t have a business back then, now I do!

I now actively encourage business owners to seek out Louisa because for me no one supports, loves and guides you through the murky waters of business better than her!

Forever Grateful xx