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Writing is my FIRST LOVE and as a published author, English teacher and supporter of women I want to empower and support other women to write their story, but not just to write it; to bring their story to a powerful collective which will be a force for inspiration and empowerment for its reader.

The first collaboration became MORE than a book. This is a collaboration and mentor programme bringing together women with extraordinary stories to share. Stories of surviving and thriving. Stories of overcoming adversity. Stories of transcending pain and fear to live a full life. Stories of the POWER of women and how together we lift each other up.  We don't just RISE from the Ashes.  We IGNITE.  'From the Ashes; She is Ignited 'is the testament that any woman can overcome any darkness to find the fire and light of life! I want your story to shape the next volume of inspiration.


With my VIP support ANYONE can write their chapter. Laura Rowe was worried about joining and very nearly talked herself out of it. Have a listen of what she has to say!


Writing in a collaboration can open up your network, creating masses of PR and Media opportunities.

Are you ready to share your story? 

To be a voice for other women?

To empower others to share theirs?  

If you would like to chat about joining the next collaboration please get in touch with Louisa Herridge on Messenger, Instagram or book in for a Zoom Chat

It is your time to

Write to Ignite!

Valerie Fraser 

My Daughter, My Heart


I met Louisa in late 2021 to chat about the book collaboration she was putting together. As soon as we started to chat, it was like I had known her forever! She was easy to talk to and has a wicked sense of humour to boot!

I knew I wanted to tell my story, but was never comfortable putting it out there, but speaking with Louisa I realized it was time to tell that one story of my life.

Along the way while reliving my story, it occurred to me that my journey through infertility, IVF and adoption hit deeper than I realized. And left me with lingering doubts about myself.
After getting all my thoughts and emotions out on paper I felt much freer, like I wasn’t hiding a secret. I no longer have to quietly sit around while women share the details of their childbirth. I can be honest and say I have not experienced childbirth, but I experienced the beauty of birth.

When I typed the final word of my story, I was grateful for everything I have, even if the path to get here was strewn with challenges and adversity.

The most enjoyable part of the collaboration was meeting all the amazing ladies who are badass warriors and have inspired me with their positive outlook on life! I hope to keep in touch with each of them and maybe one day meet them in person and give them a huge hug!!!

I would work with Louisa again in a heartbeat!!

Jo Gilbert

 Don't Just Rise, Shine!


This has been such a beautiful project to be a part of.

As well as being a co-author I also have a part behind the scenes as I do the formatting for Author & Co and so I had the privilege to read the book ahead of its official launch.

Is Powerful!

What an incredible group of women, the strength and resilience they have all shown to make the choice to power through and step up when faced with some horrific circumstances, where most would crumble.

The authors have  all given me so much strength - strength to decide to go back to Lanzarote ( you need to read my chapter)

The strength to fight  and you have helped me to remember who I am!

I will be eternally thankful to all of the authors and their powerful stories and to Louisa for her vision and bringing the collaboration together.

I am tempted to join the next collaboration to tell the next part of my journey!