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"An ironing board is a surfboard that gave up on its dreams and got a boring job."

Do you ever feel that your spark has gone out?

Have your dreams been lost in the blur of Mamahood, Career and Expectation?

Do you want to be more, do more and have more in life?

Age 36 Louisa, had it all – a successful teaching career and the ultimate 2.4 family. Whilst smiling and confident on the outside, she was hiding a darkness that came from decades of people pleasing, chronic pain and emotional and psychological abuse.

Louisa shares her inspiring story of thriving after domestic violence and how at the height of the pandemic, whilst healing from burnout and complex trauma, she gave herself permission to quit teaching and admit that she wanted more than the ‘ironing board life’ she was living.

Embracing a new positive mindset, Louisa overcame limiting beliefs to lead the Mamas Ignited movement, riding her surfboard to inspire women globally to stop playing safe and start living the life they truly desire.

Using a combination of powerful storytelling, business knowledge and coaching methods Mamas Ignited: Stop Ironing, Start Living is an inspiring book that will equip readers with the tools to be able to extinguish fear and the pain of the past to feel empowered to create an ignited life and business.


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Louisa has the natural ability to share her knowledge and wisdom in a way that speaks to my soul. I feel like when she wrote this book she knew exactly what I needed to hear, and said it to me in a way that was neither tedious nor patronising. It’s definitely time for me to be the leading lady of my life, thank you for showing me how.

Having also worked with Louisa in her SPARKS and IMPACT programmes, I not only have an exciting new outlook, but also a new way of looking inwardly, to myself and everything that has happened to and for me. Now I can live in the present and use it to create the future I deserve and so yearn for.

Thank you Louisa, my ironing board now has footprints all over it!



This book is an absolute must have, to add to your bookshelf collection of inspirational reads!!!

It is ultimately so powerful and inspirational. Very relatable!! Within the pages of this book are golden nuggets of inspiration which will help to ignite your inner SPARK so that you can start living your life and surf the fire of life.

Whilst sat reading this book I felt like Louisa was sitting right by my side telling me everything over a cup of tea. Just like friends would do. You are taken on a journey and adventure, through the trials and tribulations of the author's life and how these left her broken, in a state of despair and ready to give up, until of course she found that all important inner SPARK to get up, and to BE more, WANT more and Have more, and turned her life around. Banishing the pain of fear, trauma and adversity, to SURF the FIRE OF LIFE, whilst sharing her wisdom to help others do the same.


The rebel nurse 

This is book is powerful and inspiring.  

It will help so many women.

Revolution is coming... on a surfboard!

rachel allen

ceo of the wedding party and cheshire swags

About Louisa

Louisa is a solo mum, speaker, writer and survivor. Like the glorious Phoenix, she has risen from the ashes of debt, abuse and trauma; reborn in flames as the Blazing leader of the Mamas Ignited movement.