Welcome to SPARKS Weekly

Welcome to the first edition of SPARKS Weekly.My new weekly newsletter will bring you updates on everything that is going on at Mamas Ignited HQ. Along with a dollop of real mum life, each week I will bring you some Mindset for Success Positive Psychology Tips, interventions and challenges. What is Mamas Ignited? If you… Continue reading Welcome to SPARKS Weekly

Give me a HELL YEAH!

Where the heck have I been? I mean it has been so long I bet you have almost forgotten about me! NEVER! How could you forget me? The crazy lady that surfs ironing boards and ignites sparks… yep that’s me but for a while now my spark has been a little dull. I have been… Continue reading Give me a HELL YEAH!

Spark your Super Power

If I asked you to list 5 things you are good at how easily could you come up with the list? What about 5 things that you are useless at? Which list could you fill more quickly? So often we self-deprecate to the point that it is so easy and in fact normalised to declare… Continue reading Spark your Super Power

Rising through Resilience

Resilience is the all-round mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity to recover and overcome from difficulties. Being resilient is often not on purpose. Resilient people are strong enough to adapt and change. Resilient people know who they are and accept themselves, both the good and the bad.  Resilient people have a strong support network; family, friends,… Continue reading Rising through Resilience

Write to Ignite

Welcome to the ALL new Mamas Ignited Blog – Write to Ignite. For those of you who have read my latest book, ‘Mamas Ignited: Stop Ironing, Start Living’ will know that my true passion is writing. In fact there is a whole chapter called ‘Ignite’ which is all about how over the years writing has… Continue reading Write to Ignite