Louisa, 44 from Warrington is a writer, speaker, survivor and is on a mission as a Business, Writing and Positive Psychology coach to empower women to believe in themselves, to ignite their spark to BE more, DO more and HAVE more in life and business. 

Louisa is a three times best selling author and coaches women in business to use their stories of overcoming adversity in book collaborations alongside her business and PosPsych coaching. 

Louisa has overcome many adversities including: domestic abuse, debt and lived with with chronic pain which led to depression and major back surgery. Due to a violent assault at the hands of her ex-partner in 2019, she is living with PTSD and experienced burnout and a breakdown in 2019. She left her 17 year teaching career in 2021 creating a new path in life, following her passion and purpose to inspire and empower other women.

Louisa says, “Training to be a Positive Psychology coach changed my whole life as well as my business. Pos Psych in its simplest form is about happiness and success being a journey not a destination... it focuses on strengths, values, and ultimately flourishing through positive thinking.  

"Positive psychology is the scientific study of human strengths and virtues," according to Martin Seligman, who is seen as the founder of the science.  It is about having meaning and purpose and finding the joy and hope in everything that you do.

In my work as a mindset for success coach, I use various Positive Psychology assessments, and explorations into who you truly are, all stemming from this science. Values and strengths lie at the core and I want you to seek to understand your key strengths and how you can flourish every day in your business.

If fear, procrastination or limiting beliefs hold you back then I want you to know that you can take control of these thoughts and reframe your thinking. You can tap into your strengths and use these to show up as your true self in your business.”

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